About the company

Narf BVBA was founded in December 2001 as a one-man company. It is a consultancy company , with the sole owner being a analyst-programmer, mainly in c++. A background in clearcase, unix and network administration can also be a helpful factor for certain jobs.
Narf BVBA also creates cloud applications and is working on some iPhone applications.

Who am I

I am Sven Duytschaever, and live in Belgium. I have developed smaller and larger programs since I was 11 years old, in various languages (basic, hypertalk, scheme, perl, bash, visual basic, pascal, OPR, c, c++, java...) Professionally, I have done the analysis, design and implementation of several larger projects for server-client, visualisation, installation, converting, encryption, database applications, porting and more, working with c++, MS SQL, XML, Perl, COM+, PHP, Visual Basic, c#, java, objective c,...
When there are a thousand ways to program a certain task, only a dozen are usually considered to be good solutions, and from those dozen only half or less are also beautiful. The most fun and most challenging thing in developing is finding a solution that is part of that half dozen.

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